Parents and carers

Parents and carers have a special part to play at important stages when young people make choices about their next step. These transition stages, e.g. choosing GCSE options or choosing a pathway at 16, or at 18, can be confusing.

We're often asked questions like these ... :

  • Is an academic course better than a vocational one?
  • What do the different qualifications involve?
  • What about apprenticeships?
  • Is university the right option
  • Is it worth the money it costs?

... but there isn’t a simple or obvious answer to any of them!

The answer will depend on the young person’s interests, ambitions, talents, learning style and progress to date.

What really matters in the end is that the choice is right for the young person

It takes time to make the right decision — time to talk, time to research and time to think. The world of work is complex and rapidly changing. It can seem challenging to try to puzzle it all out, but informed support can help to make things clearer. This is where we are able to help.

You are invited to enquire about:

  • Individual guidance appointments with a qualified and experienced adviser, including action planning and follow up.
  • Information seminars on key topics of interest for parents, carers and others working with young people.

We respect and value the diversity of the young people with whom we work. We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all young people.