Our Events

My Future Starts Here has an innovative approach to career learning. Helping young people to recognise their own strengths and interests, and to discover more about the world of work, are two important strands of our activity. To enhance that process we have put on a variety of events commissioned by client schools and colleges. A sample of the events we have delivered are outlined below.

Focus on the Future

A day or half-day careers event suitable for groups of KS3 or KS4 students, consisting of a sequence of varied interactive sessions highlighting key topics linked to personal development, aspiration, future options and skills to support students' progression to their next stage of learning.

Transition conference

A day conference designed for students in year 11 or at the start of year 12. Students are treated throughout the event as conference delegates, in a simulation of a 'real life' business / professional conference. Delegates wear business dress, sit at tables arranged cabaret style, follow an agenda. listen to speakers, and participate in group tasks and plenary sessions. The programme reflects the transition the students are approaching / just starting and creates opportunities for them to reflect and identify personal priorities and goals in addition to practising the team skills needed for collective tasks.Their feedback on the day is gathered at the end of the conference.

Find Your Voice

As its name suggests this half-day event is designed to give participating students an opportunity to practise important skills they will need routinely as they progress with their studies and become active members of the future workforce. Increasingly, young people need to be confident communicators who can work with others, using negotiating skills, independent thinking, creativity, team work and problem solving. They need to be able to demonstrate commitment and resilience. The event takes place in a relaxed,quite informal atmosphere. Students have to interact with others they may not have met before. The event calls for active participation in tasks designed to engage, stimulate, and sometimes also challenge the participants. Extra dimensions are added through the involvement of a drama specialist and local speakers .

Careers Fairs

To date we have organised and run thirteen careers fairs for schools and academies in East Sussex. Thanks to the participation of Further Education colleges, training providers, businesses and voluntary organisations, more than 2700 year 10 students have had the opportunity to find out about a wide range of progression opportunities.

Our careers fairs are dynamic, interactive events at which attending students are engaged in structured tasks designed to ensure that they actively use communication and research skills to find out about opportunities for further study and future employment.

In this way they start to develop confidence by talking to college staff, employers and company representatives as well as building up a bank of essential knowledge and understanding to help inform the choices they will make in the future.

We very much appreciate the generosity of those who, over the past four years, have given their time and energies to support the students. Some have been frequent attenders at the careers fairs, and we are especially grateful to these 'regulars' for their dedicated efforts and consistent willingness to encourage and educate the workforce of the future.

The feedback from our partners at the careers fairs is overwhelmingly positive about both the format of the sessions, and their value in helping these young people to start practising important interpersonal and investigative skills.

We are pleased to acknowledge our attendees on this page and we thank them for their contributions.