My Future Starts Here 2011–2022. CDI Affiliate Organisation. Matrix accredited. MFSH Career Development & Consultancy

Needed now ! Level 6 qualified advisers over the coming months.

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My Future Starts Here is an independent company providing impartial information, advice and career guidance. We are a team of specialist advisers based in East Sussex, working with young people, adults and various organisations.

We have a range of services, providing high quality information about progression and work opportunities to individuals, schools, colleges and employers. Our offer includes confidential face to face career guidance and coaching, helping individuals to deal with change and explore future possibilities.

In the particularly challenging environment of the past eighteen months our services have become even more relevant for the many whose lives, job security and learning have been disrupted by the global pandemic and its aftermath.

Our approach is personalised and flexible. We listen to what you require and agree with you how we can most effectively support you to meet your personal or organisational goals.

Enquiries are welcome — you will receive a prompt, polite and professional response.

You can contact us on: 07711 513782 (Pru) or 07999 808795 (Carrie)

We look forward to hearing from you.