How Do We Work ?

The Context

The world of work today is characterised by rapid and dynamic change. Old certainties are giving way to unpredictable challenges.

Regardless of age and circumstances, anyone preparing for a successful future in the environment of today needs effective career management skills.

An individual planning for a successful future needs:

  • self-belief, confidence and resilience
  • clear personal goals and aspirations
  • accessible, impartial advice and timely guidance
  • current, accurate and relevant information
  • knowledge and understanding of progression routes
  • appropriate support with transition to new phases of learning or types of work

My Future Starts Here supports your journey to success.

The purpose of our service

My Future Starts Here exists to support and work with individuals of all ages. We welcome enquiries and offer customised provision to meet your needs.

We believe that individuals navigating the world of work at any stage in their lives should have access to dedicated and informed advice. Their futures will be influenced and shaped by the choices they make. Qualified professional support can help them plan their journey and enhance their decision making.

Frequent workplace changes and redundancy have become commonplace experiences for many. The right support can enable them to accept, refocus and move forward

My Future Starts Here helps you to identify your strengths.

We enable you to deal with change, make considered choices and be in control of your future.

The matrix standard

My Future Starts Here was first accredited with the matrix standard in June 2013. The matrix standard is the nationally recognised quality mark for organisations which provide support to individuals to make learning and work more accessible.

As professionals in this area we had been aware of matrix over several years, and when our company was formed it was always our intention to seek accreditation as a measure of the quality of our service. We were pleased to have achieved this status only two years after the company first started.

We found the assessment process supportive and helpful, prompting us to be very clear about what we do, and to identify the measures that show the impact of our distinctive service.

The annual Continuous Improvement Check (CIC)in 2014 and in 2015 ensured that we were actively reviewing and developing our activities.

In June 2016, following re-assessment , our matrix accreditation was renewed for a further three years.

At a time when the quality of careers advice and education remains under scrutiny, My Future Starts Here continues to make sure that young people across Sussex have access to a team of experienced and well-qualified professionals to support their progression and help them plan for success.

We also work with adults trying to navigate the challenges of employment in the twenty first century. My Future Starts Here can help them to understand today’s labour market, the skills employers are asking for, and how to develop their individual career capital.

The matrix award allows us to give the assurance that we provide an accredited, independent and impartial service to all our customers. We offer flexibility, customising provision to meet individual needs. We will continue to review and develop our offer to maintain an accessible, high-quality service for all our customers.